Future Scientists!

Thank you for funding this project! I am absolutely thrilled that all of my students will receive their very own science kits to take home and experience with their families. I look forward to hearing from the students and families later how the experiences went. Surely we will create some future scientists, engineers, or designers. This project also included a very cool STEAM Activity book. We appreciate you so very much! -Mrs. Ahern

Once Upon a STEM

Thank you so much for helping to fund this project. I hope that this gives my students the opportunity to experience science, technology, engineering and math in a meaningful, hands-on way. Now, more than ever, students need the chance to explore science, engineering and math concepts at an early age. Thank you again for helping to make this possible for some of our most needy and deserving students! -Mrs. Silva

Science Newsies!

Thank you for your generous donation! My students are able to put nonfiction literacy skills into practice while learning new science skills -- all thanks to your donation! Scholastic News is a weekly science and social studies news magazine that we use to investigate the world around us. I couple this with literacy skills we are practicing in our fiction studies, like comparing and contrasting or finding the central theme of a text, to reinforce reading skills. Thanks to you, my students have been lighting up while learning about reading and about science. They are ignited by what they read and can find ways to apply reading in the world all around us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
-Ms. Riordan

Books Grow Brains

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the books. The library I inherited was allowed to degrade by the previous denizen. I have spent the last two years trying to replace or repair the books that have been "read to death." The books that you have donated will allow the students to have more choices in what they read; so that they can find the books that really interest them and turn on their imaginations. At this age (early teen), it is very difficult to find books that will unlock the their minds. Your books will help in opening minds, and, I hope, introduce the students to the joy of reading. -Mrs. Peach

Biographies for Bilinguals

The books have arrived and we could not be any more excited! From Cesar Chavez to Jackie Robinson - so much variety. Thank you for your generosity, your help, and trust in this project. My students and I are grateful...very grateful. Many of the books have already been read from cover to cover...and learning from people that have really made a mark in history is so important. These books will also be part of a bigger unit later in the year as we dive deep into history. Thank you again for your help and for making this project a reality. -Ms. Serrano

Engaging Mentor Texts

I wanted to take a minute to help you see the impact that your generosity has made in my classroom this year! I'm going to give you a glimpse of the opportunities my third graders have had with these mentor texts! I love reading, and I love to give my students a variety of texts in their reading time. So, on a normal day, my students will see three or more different types of text throughout the day. For example, each week they have a story for the week that we work on, then every day I read to them from a chapter book, they are each expected to be reading from a chapter book daily, and then all of our skill practice comes from the books that you donated to us! Thank you again for donating to our class, and for lending a helping hand to our 3rd grade class! We appreciate you! -Mrs. Huneryager

Building a Dream Library!

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful donation to my classroom project! So many of my students come to me as struggling readers and they just don't enjoy reading. Thanks to your donation my students have high interest books that they are falling in love with. They can't wait to get their hands on these books and are reading more then I ever could of imagined! They enjoy sharing what they loved about the books with their peers and are finding they joy in reading again. They can't wait for independent reading time everyday!! -Mrs. Cardenas

Books That Reflect Us & Stretch Us

What a joy it was to be able to offer new books to the students when they returned to school! Many of my readers from last year are coming in before class to look over the new selections and to check one or two of them out to read. With these new books, it is easy to find something to recommend to almost every student who walks in. A book that might help them to understand themselves, or the world they live in a little bit better. Thank you for helping me help them to become better readers and open their eyes to a wider world! -Mrs. Davenport

Library Love!

My first grade class absolutely loved the books for our class library that you helped make possible! We received two huge boxes at our classroom door on a Wednesday morning and decided it was too exciting not to open together. We ended up doing a book walk so students could see the hundreds of books that they would get to read for the rest of the school year. I am so truly thankful for all of you for your generosity and I hope you know that you directly impacted our classroom, and these kids' future as readers. Thank you thank you thank you!! -Ms. Wellin

Eager Readers!

These leveled fiction and non-fiction books have been a great addition to our classroom library. I have seen in increase in motivation during library and reading time as students are so excited for these new, high-interest books. Thank you so much for helping make my students successful readers. -Ms. Tondorf

Books! Books! Books! Crack open a new book!

Thank you so much for your donations to my classroom library! My students have loved having these new books available for them to read. They especially love the biography ones. My high flying readers have loved having more challenging books to engage in. I have a hard time tearing them away to do other work! My lower readers have loved the animal books. They feel that they are reading books just like the others in class because of the high quality of the lower level books. We really appreciate your donations!! -Mrs. Smith

Creative Minds and Virtual Reality Collide

Many of my students will never and have never experienced the world outside their home state. I would like to allow my classes to go on field trips to Buckingham Palace, Machu Picchu, and the Great Barrier Reef, without leaving the classroom. The Google Cardboard Virtual reality glasses were used for our creative writing stories. We went places we've never been to, or may never be able to travel to with our friends. So the most exciting part of the project was traveling to the unknown in the comfort of our classroom. All academic levels were included!! -Ms. R

Student-led Project INFERNO

"By attempting this feat of engineering we wish to not only do a great service to firemen and the people they protect, but also to learn more about advanced aerial systems and programming algorithms. Being a team comprised of a junior and a senior we are considered role models for others in STEM Club. Not only is this project displaying to younger students eager to learn that they too can create amazing inventions, but it is also a perfect time to switch positions of leadership throughout the development process in order to equally share ideas and expertise. As the son of a fireman, I am very aware of the responsibilities and risks fire-fighters must face. We know that, especially in our densely populated city, fire-fighters are in need of technology which gives them a competitive edge. We believe that, like the inventions of the fire-hose and trucks equipped with extendable ladders or water pumps, Inferno will be the next game changing creation that will save the lives of victims and aid in firefighting efficiency." -Students from Ms. Seiders' class

Lending Library Gems!

Thank you so much for your generosity. The books you helped us purchase are going to be very well loved as they journey home each evening with a new student. The resources you helped purchase teach about all kinds of interesting concepts for my students. The biographies about famous Americans, like Rosa Parks, are very motivational. There is a wealth of knowledge, and excitement, in this project, and you helped bring it to life for so many students. We simply cannot thank you enough. We love these books to the moon and back. -Ms. Grimes

Building Dual Language Library with Libros!

My students were thrilled to see their favorite books were also written in Spanish! As soon as the books were set up in our library they were all checked out and being read. I can not count how many times they have come up to show me their favorite part of the new books already. I am so excited to see my students reading Spanish chapter books. As one of my students said, "We need Spanish books because we are dual language students and we are bilingual." Thank you so much for your generosity and support, you have made such a huge difference! -Ms. Lopez

Creating a Love for Math through Reading

My students and I would like to thank you for your generous donations towards the purchase of books for our classroom library. These books, related to math concepts have engaged students in such a way that is awesome to see. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! -Ms. Bishop

Turning Students into Illustrators

My students are very excited about becoming illustrators. They have worked hard to write their own unique stories and are using the markers and colored pencils to create the illustrations to go with their stories. By giving them the opportunity to become (authors and) illustrators without limitation is feeding their creative spirit and allowing them to truly express themselves. Thank you for your support! - Ms. Ericson

STEM Starts in K4

I wanted to personally tell you how inspirational it is to know that there are people such as yourself that are willing support our classroom and numerous children for years to come. As a classroom teacher of such young and eager students, I get to watch these innocent individuals blossom and develop. With your help and generous donations our classroom and curriculum is greatly impacted in such a positive manner. I highly encourage you to continue your thoughtful acts of compassion, and please know that your help will never go unnoticed.

With gratitude,
Ms. Mierzwinski

Read, Read, Read! Eric Carle Corner

Our school year has started off with a burst of color in our classroom, thanks to the generosity of donors! We will be starting our author study in October and we are looking forward to diving deep into the life and art of this fantastic author. We will study each book and make connections to our own lives. Most importantly, we will learn a lesson about love and friendship from each story. Thanks so much for making this happen! -Mrs. Grelis

Ciencia en Español

Thank you so much for your support of our bilingual learners. This showed them that their native language is valued in school and specifically in science. With these books, they've been able to more comprehensively understand the science content as well. I think of one student in particular who is new to English and in 8th grade. These books allowed him to understand the content of his peers and participate in class. It changed his outlook on school and encouraged him to participate more in class. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support of my bilingual students. You've made a profound impact on their education. -Mrs. Weiss

New Library Section: Mental Health/Disability

Thank you so much for having the vision, courage and belief in our young people to make their school library a place where they feel safe, supported, challenged and inspired. You are providing our students with valuable resources that will last for years. The idea to build a new section of the library for mental health and disabilities was my students'. It is empowering for them to see this dream realized. You should have seen the excitement in students' faces when I told them the grant was funded. Our school will be welcoming a new class of students with special needs in September, so we are grateful to you for these books. We are proud to have pioneered the mental health and disability section, and eager to see it grow year after year. Thank you so much! -Ms. Hinds

Technology for bilingual students

Thanks to you my students will have access to technology on a daily basis. They will be able to develop basic computer skills, research information, and integrate technology into their assignments in both English and Spanish. In order for our students to be successful, they must be able to work with technology as much as possible. As their teacher it is my responsibility to provide these opportunities, and because of your generosity it is now possible. - Mrs. Perez-Smith

"Growing" Scholars

I cannot thank you enough for supporting this project for my kindergarten class. As a school located in the heart of Detroit, we lack the funds to obtain materials for scientific discovery. These materials have helped our kindergarten class to explore the life cycles of plants and butterflies. Through this exploration we have learned what living things need survive and how we can help them. -Ms. Heuer

Resistors for Amazing Computer Engineering Students

This club is amazing and it's all because of donors like you. If it wasn't for you, many of us would be on the streets somewhere, doing who knows what. I know we can't pay you back for what you donated but I hope that hearing how happy we are to have what you gave us is enough to make you smile. - Rafael, 9th Grader

Kindergarten Space to Learn and Grow

"My students are going to benefit from this learning rug for years to come! Not only will it help create a comfortable and warm learning environment, it will help my students understand their own personal space and help them build positive relationships with their peers! Thank you so much!" -Mrs. Gola

3rd Grade Science Activity Center

"Wow! The items arrived and the students are so excited. I cannot wait to order the caterpillars so the children can see them actually grow & change into butterflies. These items are perfect for these last two months of school. These will be used again and again over the next few years. Thank you so much for supporting me and my students." -Mrs. Karnatski

5th Grade Classroom Reading Nook

"This space is everything I dreamed it would be for my kids. They are so anxious to sit in their "special seats" during reading time that I can barely give instructions before they're popping out of their chairs and headed over to get comfortable. They are truly enjoying the cozy feeling of getting down with a good book." - Mrs. Mendez